Edmonton 2017 & First NHL game

Picture: #12 Taking over the streets of Edmonton I was lucky to get invited to Edmonton to watch my first NHL game and take a look city of Edmonton. Trip was by Icelandair, ExploreEdmonton ja Oilersnation. Plan of the trip was that scandinavian people can see how easy it is to come to Edmonton. Yes there was Sweden hockeyjournalist with us. Uffe Bodin who is running hockeysverige.se and eliteprospects.com pages. Flight to edmonton was long 19 hours, but i dident care about it because first people i met in airport was Edmonton Oilers captain Connor Mcdavid. I had picture with him and after "fist bump" airport did go crazy! to see me? NO! Everybody was "THATS CONNOR MCDAVID"  okay... McJesus you have been spotted.  Airport went so crazy and there was so many people coming towards Connor with phones in hand

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HOLY LARVINEN! I got my webpages open

So i got my webpages up and running and even my newsletter starts running now. And ordering my newsletter you will have a change to win BARKOVs Florida Panther  jersey! Here you can fill the form and order the newsletter!

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IIFH 2017 Worldchampionship Here i come!

The 2017 IIHF World Championship will be hosted by Paris, France and Cologne, Germany from 5 to 21 May 2017. im thinking to championship like this: 13.5.2017 Norway-Finland 14.5.2017 Swizerland-Finland 16.5.2017 Canada-Finland 18.5.2017 Paris 19.5.2017 TRAIN TO PARIS 20.5.2017 SEMIFINALS 21.5.2017 FINALS So see you in PARIS!

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